Angelo started playing the guitar on his own at the age of nine.

As curious as he is gifted, he does not rule out any genre, integrating J.S.Bach with as much ease as D. Reinhardt or AC Jobim into his repertoire.

He joined the guitar class at the CNR de Saint-Maur where he obtained a first prize for classical guitar.

The decisive meeting with master Pedro Ibanez leads him to complete his training with him.

He also approaches Jazz with Pierre Cullaz and the Romanian composer Horia Surianu teaches him composition.

Approaching both a career as a classical concertist and a teacher, he subsequently formed several groups: Blues affair, Quintet à Swingue and quickly extended the field of his collaborations: with singer Richard Cross, Delphine Labey, Aranka…. Composer and orchestrator sought after for his excellent knowledge of classical music, Angelo places his work and artistic commitment in the world around him (support for young artists), but also with very confirmed musicians (regular collaborations with Franck Tortiller, vibraphonist composer and conductor, with composer Denis Uhalde since 2010).

His Latin roots also offer him many opportunities to shine in the creation of world music (tango, Brazilian music, flamenco-inspired music) Main composition works: – Today (since 2010): Encuentro Tango Quintet with the album “Carta a mi Amada” label Buda Musique Various Concerts in Paris, next concerts in 2020/2021 2020: orchestrations on themes by Kurt Weill with Franck Tortiller and the Pasdeloup Orchestra.

Creation at the Philharmonie de Paris (postponed to 2021-22 due to the health crisis) 2019: arrangement and production of the album “Atardecer de Verano”, with Véronique Rioux 2018-19: composition of a piece for strings entitled B.A.C.H. (Self-Destructive Barbary, Humanitarian Catastrophe) for the Dodeka ensemble in homage to Johann Sebastian Bach. Premiered on May 16, 2019 at the Antonin Artaud auditorium in Ivry sur Seine 2017-18: composition and creation of 4 Noches Tangueras for the Kantara trio (clarinet, violin and piano) 2017: composition of the original music for the 52 documentary “Qui es-tu Lucio? “By Émile Navarro, broadcast on France 3 2015-16: musical Erwan et Hyzia (commissioned in residence at CRC de Massy with creation at the Opéra de Massy), with soloist Malika Belaribi-Le Moal 2013-14: creation of the Baila show based on texts by Beatriz Beloqui and photos by Grégori Bozec and J.M. Molina. 12 Flamenco-inspired pieces for guitar, cello and percussion on historical Spanish memory 2013: Tango Malambo, percussion piece (audience prize in the composition competition for percussion ensemble V.P.13) Since 2008: collaboration with the composer of music in the image Denis Uhalde Orchestration on the film Carmen burlesque by Charlie Chaplin (commissioned by the Conservatoire de Viry-Châtillon) in 2018, arrangements on the film Porteur hommes in 2010, orchestration of 4 pieces for string quartet (music from the documentary series Hôtel Dieu) in 2008-2009 And… Work of instrumental creation (creation of a string quartet, a suite for harpsichord, a piece for solo violin, pieces for piano …) and songwriting. Pieces published in the catalog of Gum production (for music on screen).